Book Review: Toot, The World’s Tiniest Whale, by Joy Ramirez and Mike Chapman

Available in selected bookshops nationwide.cv_toot_the_little_whale

Author Joy Ramirez is passionate about creating stories that help children develop positive attitudes and social skills. She is also a singer and performer and lives in Auckland. This is Joy’s debut book.

Illustrator Mike Chapman trained at Palmerston North School of Design, AUT and Unitec. To fully understand how fish and whales move he studied them to record their most subtle movements, so he could better convey Toot’s emotions and connect with the reader.

Toot was the tiniest whale in the world – no bigger than your thumb!
He lived in a palace in Pomperton Pines
with Henry the Fifth, his good chum

They played, dressed up, sprayed each other, played the trumpet and made fish-flake shakes most afternoons, but Toot wanted an adventure. He wanted to find the sea where whales swam free. He pleaded with Henry to help, which of course being his best friend, he did. That night, the palace was full of people jiving and dancing to the jazz band. Toot jumped out of his bowl and landed right in the Duchess’s flute. Toot continued to find a way out of the Palace and into the sea, even when he felt out of his depth.

The wonderfully colourful characters of Henry the Fifth – the Royal Goldfish, Lord Squigglebottom and Princess Bambella had 4-year-old Abby in stitches laughing her head off at their antics. We both enjoyed finding out how Toot manages to fulfil his dream.

This is a fabulous book with wonderful illustrations. Abby was trying hard to find a way to sneak this book into her already groaning bookcase of “favourite” books.

Reviewed by Christine Frayling

Toot The World’s Tiniest Whale
Written by Joy Ramirez, illustrated by Mike Chapman
Published by Mercury Fox Media Ltd
ISBN 9780473324599

Toot is also available here.

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