Book Review: Let’s Catch that Rainbow, written & illustrated by Ann Keane

Available in selected bookshops.

Anne Keane is a first-time children’s author and illustrator.

cv_lets_catch-that_rainbowHadleigh was sitting inside on a rainy day watching the raindrops. He was waiting for his brother Brian to come home from school on the school bus. He looked up, and suddenly noticed a rainbow. He got his gumboots and then went outside, climbing fences and running across fields in his attempt to catch the rainbow, which kept disappearing. It always seemed just out of reach each time, even with Mum helping. Brian came home from school and joined in the fun, and even with Mrs Stokes helping they couldn’t catch the rainbow!

I read this story to 4 ½ year old Abby. This story initiated a conversation about rainbows. Abby wanted to know why anybody would find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and what she would do with it if she found one.

The illustrations throughout this book work well with the story. It’s a lovely book that I think would appeal to 2 years of age plus and would make a great addition to a small person’s library.

Reviewed by Christine Frayling

Let’s Catch that Rainbow
Written and Illustrated by Ann Keane
Published by Pines Estate Books
ISBN 9780473320171

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