Book Review: Ink and Bone, by Rachel Caine

Available in bookshops nationwide.

Utterly fascinating, and terrifyingly nerve racking.cv_ink_and_bone

Dear book worms of New Zealand, you need this book in your life. Ink and Bone is a must read for anyone who needs a diverse fascinating new fantasy read, or wants a book to stay up late into the night reading.

Knowledge is power, and power corrupts in the year 2031, London. Books are illegal, and no one dares to overcome the laws of the Great Library of Alexandria. Nobody knows what true powers a book can hold. No one except Jess Brightwood, a heroic, passionate, intelligent young man who is the son of the black market book smuggler. Quickly Jess finds himself on the doorstep of the Great Library to compete to become one of the Great Libraries young postulants. Jess soon finds himself being buried deeper and deeper into the dark secrets hidden in the Library’s pages. The scary thing is Jess is just starting to figure out the truth and soon both heretics and books will burn.

Reading from Jess’s point of view was at first a little challenging due to his smart and logical perspective. I soon started to love reading through his point of view and quickly became inspired by his brave character. Jess’s love of knowledge from books was very relatable and really spoke to me because he loves books as much as I do. Rachel Caine really has a magical way of creating well remembered characters and making large statements through her writing. The characters in Ink and Bone were realistically brought to life and I found myself getting connected to the characters and new found friendships as Jess did.

Rachel Caine creates such a beautifully written fantasy world as she rewrites history wherein the Great Library of Alexandria has survived through time. The time era was confusing and mind boggling. Ink and Bone has some historical philosophy references, which were fascinating to google. I went on a couple of googling journeys because it was very interesting to read about. Rachel Caine obviously did her research before she wrote Ink and Bone.

You will experience a great deal of emotions by the end of this book; I realised how much happened and how much the story and the characters progressed when I finally put the book down.

I have many questions that didn’t get answered about the world which was frustrating, but in a good way of wanting to read more. The ending left me on the edge, really hooked to the story and really needing more answers. Hopefully Caine will answer some more of our questions in book 2 of The Great Library Series, which I will definitely be one of the first to read, when it comes out, I’m really looking forward to seeing where The Great Library Series story is going.

Ink and Bone, by Rachel Caine, is a book of secrets and depth, for readers who can find and understand the truths hidden in books.

By Geena Slow

Ink and Bone
by Rachel Caine
Published by Alison and Busby
ISBN 9780749017224

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