Book Review: Fitting in Standing Out: Finding Your Authentic Voice at Work, by Harold Hillman

Available in bookshops nationwide.cv_fitting_in_standing_out

I wish for many things in life – an abundance of money, the perfect wedding, my novels published and successful, good health, wealth, not necessarily in that order of course, but reading this self-help book by former American and now New Zealand citizen Harold Hillman has me wishing for two things:

  1. That I had read this influential work before leaving a job that just wasn’t working out, and
  2. That my former boss, the owner of that business I left, would read it and start utilising the exercises within to make my former workplace the unified success it truly could be.

Fitting In Standing Out, from the author of The Impostor Syndrome, is designed to help the reader whether employee, manager, owner etc, determine where they currently sit on the continuum of the workplace dynamic, and how to find the ‘sweet spot’, the place where your authentic voice at work is.

Using case studies, Hillman highlights four needs for business relationships to work effectively – Trust, Affiliation, Affirmation and Growth – those of the business, and those of the employees. The trick is learning how to both fit in and how to stand out. The ‘when’ is important too. And apparently, it’s all about the give and yake. Employees need to learn to be good at both, and so do the heads of any business. How well do you adapt and adjust when you start a new job? How well do you induct and introduce a new member of staff? Both are equally important in getting a workplace efficient and humming.

As well as case studies, the book comes equipped with activity sheets to help the reader work out where they stand in their current workplace and where they may need help to achieve what they really want to achieve in the workplace.

All in all, this is a great book. It truly is one that should be introduced into the workplace, starting at the very top with the owner or boss. Be authentic in your approach, walk your talk, and inspire others to do the same. Go out and get this book and make it part of your business practise today.

Reviewed by Penny M Geddis

Fitting in Standing Out: Finding Your Authentic Voice at Work
by Harold Hillman
Published by Random House NZ
ISBN 9781775538288

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