Book Review: Two Pedants: Season One, by Sean Molloy

cv_two_pedantsI will admit, I hadn’t heard of this web comic before I was sent this book to review. Which is surprising, because as the back cover of Two Pedants Season One tells me,

“You should buy this book if:
• you like Oxford commas!
• you hate Oxford commas!
• you don’t really care about Oxford commas!
• you don’t know what an Oxford comma is!”

I love Oxford commas, so a compilation of web comics about two pedants correcting their comic strip buddies, saving the world from TXT SPK, and loving/hating Oxford commas is right up my alley.
This book compiles all the strips from season one of Two Pedants, a web comic created by Kiwi author Sean Molloy. The pedants themselves are Blonde-haired Pedant and Black-haired Pedant, with their creator Curly-haired Guy. Inspired by his own real-life two pedants, Molloy uses simple drawings and excellent text to create a hilariously clever comic strip for “grammarians and those corrected by them.”

The strips run in a sequence, and are best read first from cover to cover. There are some short story arcs running over several strips, such as ‘Two Pedants Meet Shakespeare’ Episodes One through Six. The book has too many favourites to point out just one, but any time the Black-haired Pedant gets on her high horse about the Oxford comma definitely got me laughing.

Two Pedants Season One is an excellent gift for the pedant in your own life, or the perfect subtle hint to the person you are always correcting. Follow their adventures online at

Reviewed by Kimaya McIntosh

Two Pedants: Season One
by Sean Molloy
Published by Two Pedants
ISBN 9780473308421

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