Remix: Friends; Music; Lies, by Non Pratt


Available in bookstores nationwide.

Non Pratt’s second novel, Remix, tells the story of best friends Ruby and Kaz. The book covers the events that unfold after they decide to attend the popular music festival Remix with some friends. The festival takes place over three days, but it seems to last a lifetime; especially when things don’t turn out according to plan.

Kaz is dealing with a broken heart after being dumped by her boyfriend; when it is revealed that he will be attending the festival, Ruby is determined to keep him from hurting Kaz again. What seems to Ruby like a simple plan soon proves itself not to be; the next three days are a chaotic sequence of lies, concerts, confusion and henna tattoos. Soon enough, Kaz and Ruby’s friendship is in danger of being destroyed. Surrounded by old friends, new enemies and world-famous rock-stars, both girls must be careful to remember who are the people who really matter.

While Ruby and Kaz do spend most of the book trying to make sense of their complicated love lives, the theme of the story is their friendship and the unconditional support they provide for each other. Sadly, many YA novels these days seem to be centred around the main character’s romantic relationships, and friends often only play secondary, supporting roles. It’s refreshing to read a story in which friendship is valued above all else.

The way the story is laid out is also refreshing. Ruby and Kaz take turns to narrate the story, alternating between both of their hilarious, unique perspectives. All of the characters are well-developed and very believable – not a single cliché or stereotype will be found – and you will find yourself rooting for every last one of them. Remix is a story about the importance of trust, good music and not changing for anyone. It’s a story about knowing when to give someone another chance and knowing when not to. I recommend it to all young adults looking for a funny, easy-to-read story with characters you’ll wish you knew in real life.

Reviewed by Tierney Reardon

Remix: Friends; Music; Lies
by Non Pratt
Published by Walker Books
ISBN 9781406347708

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