Book Review: Black Rabbit Hall, by Eve Chase

Available in bookstores nationwide. cv_black_rabbit_hall

This author’s debut novel is a delight to read. Crossing three decades, she reveals the families and stories behind a run-down Cornwall mansion.

Lorna, a modern woman seeking a wedding venue, visits Pencraw Hall at which she feels an increasing sense of the familiar.

When she visits again, the Cornwall weather cuts her off from London and home, and during her stay she learns more and more about the house and inevitably about herself.

Chase takes us back three decades, to the family to whom Pencraw Hall is known by the titular name – black silhouettes of rabbits at sun down. Already in a state of neglect, the family are none the less happy.

The happiness of their holiday home is felled by a disastrous death, an unwelcome second-place holder, and another tragedy. Events then and there lead to a direct connection to Lorna, of which she had no real knowledge.

One of the delights in this tale is the author’s exciting use of new phrases to describe faces, clothing, weather, emotions. Beautifully written, it held me in thrall for the day – a satisfying day with its satisfying conclusion. I hope to soon read more from Eve Chase.

Reviewed by Lynne McAnulty-Street

Black Rabbit Hall
by Eve Chase
Published by Michael Joseph Ltd.
ISBN: 9780718181642

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