Book Review: The Rabbit and the Shadow, by Melanie Rutten

Available in selected bookstores nationwide.

This was an immensely captivating book which deftlcv_the_rabbit_and_the_shadowy explored life issues through the eyes of an interesting cast of animals and took you on their journey, a journey that sees the characters grow up, conquer their fears and learn that all important lesson: how to live together. Personification can be tricky to pull off but not in the hands of Melanie Rutten. Her story is divided into 10 chapters, and the reader learns and shares with the characters as they explore and confront their world and its challenges.

The illustrations match the situation and enhance the telling of the story perfectly, they add just that little bit extra with the use of dark and light. The facial expression illustrations are some of the best I have ever seen.

This book would be ideal as a shared classroom experience and also as a parent/child read. As it has ten chapters it would be best spread out, and is probably best suited for those 8 years and older as some of the nuances would be above the understanding of younger children. It could also be used in a Social Skills teaching situation as the issues the book lends itself to are often seen in these groups.

I thank Book Island for this very thoughtful book.

Reviewed by Marion Dreadon

The Rabbit and the Shadow
by Melanie Rutten
Published by Book Island
ISBN  9780994109804

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