Book Review: I am Doodle Cat, by Kat Patrick and Lauren Marriott

Available in bookstores nationwide.cv_i_am_doodle_cat

This is a delightful book, from a brand new author and illustrator. The publication is quite beautiful, and the square shape of the book makes it a delight to hold.

Doodle Cat is a pretty positive feline. He loves a lot of things, including maths and fractals. He is a popular guy, and loves difference and his friends.

The book is illustrated, as suggested by the title, as a series of doodles, each of which immediately and creatively convey the words on the page. Doodle cat is adorable, and importantly for myself as a non-artistic mother of a 4-year-old who loves to draw, easy to copy. Mine and my son’s favourite page is definitely ‘I love farts’. If you have never seen a fart sign an autograph, and have secretly wondered what this looks like, this is the book for you!

The oddest thing about this book is the explanations of eight of the ‘loves’ on the rear endpaper. This addresses the significant loves, giving reasons why the loves are important to Doodle Cat. This is a wonderful expansion of the story, but putting this list on a rear endpaper is an odd publishing decision, and makes it look like they ran out of pages. I tried to read these to my son but he wasn’t having a bar of it, as he decided the book was finished. Future editions may have this corrected, with a little luck.

The message of the book is very positive. Identifying what you love is an important step in childhood, and this book inspires this discussion.

I recommend this for people with small children, aged 1-5.

Reviewed by Sarah Forster

I Am Doodle Cat
by Kat Patrick & Lauren Marriott
Published by Beatnik Press
ISBN 9780992264826

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