Book Review: Go Home Flash! by Ruth Paul


Available now in bookstores nationwide.

Poor Flash! He gets such a hard time in this book. This adorable little puppy just wants to play, but everywhere he turns he gets told to go home.

Go Home Flash is great fun to read aloud, with lots of short, sharp sentences that emphasis the quick puppy thoughts going through Flash’s head.

“Sniff smell,
Find smell,
Strong smell,
P-o-n-g smell”

The style of writing makes this delightful to read, yet causes a rollercoaster of empathetic emotion, from giggles when he rolls in smelly rubbish, to hurt at poor Flash being told to go home, or elation when he sneaks off for a car ride. The refrain of “Go Home Flash” also makes it fun for young readers to join in (loudly).

Of course, the text is overshadowed by the absolutely gorgeous illustrations. They’re clear, with a strong central focus that doesn’t get lost in a lot of busy background, which is vital in books for young readers. More importantly, you wouldn’t feel quite so sorry for Flash if the illustrations weren’t able to convey, so perfectly, his elation, and his devastation. The combination of text and illustration allow for a personification of poor Flash, enabling the reader to relate on a personal level.

Flash gets up to a lot of mischief, and gets told off a lot, but he is still an adorable puppy, who loves his family unconditionally, and is adored right back.

Go Home Flash is not an overly “warm fuzzy” story, but it is enjoyable for both its language and visuals, and will delight young readers old enough to join in on repeat readings.

Reviewed by Alison Sammes

Go Home Flash
By Ruth Paul
Scholastic NZ
ISBN  9781775432456



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