Book Review: Hedgehog’s Magic Tricks, by Ruth Paul

This board book is available in bookstores nationwide. cv_hedgehogs_magic_tricks

Hedgehog’s Magic Tricks is a charmingly illustrated story about friendship, starring a baby rabbit, a hedgehog, a raccoon, a mouse and a duckling.

Hedgehog is putting on a magic show for his friends, but unfortunately he’s just not that good. Despite his failures with magic, Hedgehog’s friends still support him as he tries and tries again. When he’s at his lowest, completely despondent and about to give up on magic completely, his friends wheel in one last surprise. With a flick of his wand, and an Abracadabra, his friends reveal that he has “magically” made a cake appear… with a surprise inside.

The pictures are simply adorable, and very expressive, from the joyful pose of mouse as she performs as magician’s assistant, to hedgehog’s utter misery when he can’t make her disappear, and duckling’s absolute terror at his turn to play magicians assistant.

The story itself is made of short, sharp, sentences, which are best read aloud. It is simple for new readers to enjoy and can be livened up with an enthusiastic “Abracadabra!” or a saddened “Poor Hedgehog. His tricks haven’t worked.”

The ending is very cute, featuring very, very, shamefaced friends, hands and faces covered in cake; and an absolutely delighted hedgehog, who is very proud of himself for making the cake disappear.

It is a delightful story about friendship, and the ways in which friends support each other.

Reviewed by Alison Sammes

Hedgehog’s Magic Tricks
By Ruth Paul
Published by Walker Books
ISBN  9781922077141

NB: This is a board book release of an earlier picture book.



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