Book Review: Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell

Available now in bookstores nationwide. 

cv_fangirlCath is an identical twin embarking on her first year at university. While her outgoing twin, Wren, embraces the more hedonistic side of university life, shy Cath buries herself in writing Fan Fiction instead. Fangirl is a well-written yet easy-to-read book about Cath’s freshman year, and her various trials and tribulations as she navigates life there.

There were two things that particularly appealed to me about Fangirl. First, it was easy to read. Second, in spite of it being easy to read, it had interesting and clever themes. Of particular interest to me was a sub-plot about the role of fan fiction, and whether or not it constitutes real and worthy writing. Unlike some other books in the Young Adult genre, Fangirl is accessible without talking down to the reader. There is also something very real about the characters, with Cath in particular striking the perfect mix of flawed and endearing.

I would recommend this book to teenagers and adults alike, especially those who fancy an easy yet satisfying read. I’ll certainly be looking out for more Rainbow Rowell books in the future.

Reviewed by Lauren Keenan

by Rainbow Rowell
Published by Macmillan
ISBN 9781447263227

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