Some colourful finalists to go with our colourful new logo

You will have noticed today that we have Colour logo RGB largea brand new logo for the New Zealand Post Book Awards for Children and Young Adults. It is bright and celebratory, and very appropriate for our bright and wonderful bunch of finalists, who we will be introducing to you across different blogs and social media in the next two months.

We have pulled together Q & As from all but three of the finalist authors, and we have a crack team on board to help us disseminate these. Over the next couple of months, you will find out who wrote the words for their place-winning book in an hour (in front of the telly!), who used to draw starving Victorian orphans, who doesn’t like drawing trucks, and who sticks to the old adage ‘write what you know’. We have swing-dancers, wheelbarrow-pushers, horse-riders and wood-turners; and they are all at the top of their game.

Our social media team includes dedicated children’s book bloggers, crafters and more. We have Tartan Kiwi wanting to create a pillow cover out of an illustration from one of the finalist books, and many more brilliant ideas. We will have our bloggers at events as the Festival kicks off from 17 – 25 May in libraries, bookstores and schools around the country.

We will be running a quiz competition closer to the ceremony on 23 June, to see how much you have read around the blogs about our finalists, and giving away a few of our finalist books as prizes throughout the promotion.

Here are the blogs to keep your eyes on – of course we will retweet and push out as posts come out:

And many of our finalists have blogs and websites as well:

Sarah Davis can be found at:
Yvonne Morrison can be seen at:
Read more about Donovan Bixley at:
Catherine Foreman:
Vasanti Unka:
RL Stedman can be found at:
Gay Hay can be found at:
Whiti Hereaka :
Joy Cowley:
Fifi Colston (Fifi verses the world)
Des Hunt:
James Norcliffe:
Raymond Huber:
Stacy Gregg:
Philippa Werry:
Karen Healy: also‎
Peter Hayden: Knox:

We hope you enjoy watching our coverage on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, as well as on our website. When chatting about the awards on twitter, it would be great if you could hashtag with #nzpcya – or just mention us @BooksellersNZ. Please note, we no longer use the Twitter name

By Sarah Forster

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