Book Review: Pom and Pim, by Lena and Olof Landström

Available in bookstores nationwide.

Pom and Pimcv_pom_and_pim is a delightful children’s book about the ups and downs of life. Pom and his soft toy Pim are going out. As we follow their day, we see the two friends experience both good and bad luck. Each lucky event is followed by something unlucky, for example when Pom trips over a rock he finds some money. What luck! He uses the money to buy a big ice-cream, but then gets a stomach ache. Bad luck. Or is it? When lying down with the stomach ache he discovers a big red balloon. What luck! Using these amusing scenes the book suggests that through having a positive attitude we can make the best of any situation. Pom goes with the flow, and in the end uses his creativity to come up with a solution to his bad luck.

The book is written and illustrated by Lena and Olof Landström, a husband and wife team from Sweden who have collaborated on many children’s books. The illustrations use subtle and inviting colours, and Pom has a wonderfully expressive face. He also has a knitted button-down jumper that would be the envy of any hipster. The wonderfully odd Pim shares his ups and downs—the sign of a true friend. Together they are downright adorable. One aspect of Pom and Pim that cannot be overlooked is the high quality production, which is usual for books from Gecko Press. It’s a hardcover book with a dust jacket and the paper stock has a lovely hand feel. While I dislike dust jackets on children’s books (they are tricky for small hands and are inevitably destroyed), the production value certainly adds to the pleasure of the book.

While I enjoyed reading Pom and Pim I decided to test it against its target audience: my two-year-old. After our first reading of the book he pronounced, “I like it.” On the second and third reading he started to repeat certain phrases—’What luck!’—and to talk and laugh about Pom and Pim’s antics. Since then, we’ve read the book most days. As a parent, it’s a welcome change to find a book with simple sentences and a complex story. Being able to repeat the sentences gave my son a sense of achievement, and this gave me pleasure in knowing that I was supporting his learning. I’d recommend this quirky book as a present for any young reader.

by Sarah Jane Barnett

Pom and Pim
by Lena Landström and illustrated by  Olof Landström
Published by Gecko Press
ISBN 9781877579882 (PB) or 9781877579660 (HB)


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