‘Amazing Experiences Start Here’ Lonely Planet promotion for customers and retailers

lonely_planetLonely Planet’s Travel Month 2014 is all about celebrating the guidebook, from inspiring travellers to plan their next trip, to having amazing experiences while on the road. Lonely Planet guidebooks have all the best travel information in one easy to use place.

From finding the best boutique hotel in which to stay in Manhattan, to the best pizza in Italy, to finding your way around the subway in Tokyo, Lonely Planet has you covered!

In 2014 we will be executing the campaign and consumer competition across Australia and New Zealand, with a significantly increased prize pool of over $20,000 in prizes to be won!

Please note: details of the campaign are subject to change.

There are prizes for customers, as well as a $5000 prize up for grabs for promotional displays. You should receive the promotion into your stores from the Craig Potton Publishing reps over the coming week.

Promotion Dates – 1st June – 30th June
Consumer Prizes over $20,000 in value
Lonely Planet Books distributed from Craig Potton Publishing will be stickered with the consumer prize details from 26th May
POS Packs will start going to stores from 26th May from CPP
Retailer Competition – $5,000 cash or retail vouchers to be won
Retail Prize Draw – photos sent by 30th June – drawn on  15th July

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