Book Review: Charlotte and the Golden Promise, by Sandy McKay

cv_charlotte_and_the_golden_promiseAvailable in bookstores now.

Charlotte and the Golden Promise is the third book in the popular new series, New Zealand Girl. A new book, a new girl, a new moment in time. The year is 1865, and Charlotte McIntyre is desperate for adventure. During school lessons she dreams of digging for treasure in the goldfields of Hogburn Gully.

Charlotte’s mother is having yet another baby, and soon she will need her eldest daughter to leave school and help her with the cooking, cleaning and sewing.  Charlotte can’t imagine anything worse. If only they could afford to hire a maid to help with the housework…Then Charlotte has an idea – an idea that could save her from a lifetime of sewing pillowslips and feeding crying babies.

In the dead of night, she packs her bag and runs away to Hogburn Gully with her best friend Cyril, to pan for gold. Charlotte imagines the fields are awash with gold – it would surely take no time at all to find some and return home. However, Hogburn Gully is not what she expected. There are thugs and thieves and gold seems scarce. Will Charlotte have to return home empty-handed?

Charlotte and the Golden Promise is a story about bravery, friendship, and how the most valuable thing in life isn’t gold and precious stones. Author Sandy McKay skillfully captures the tension, thrill and hope of an 1860’s goldfield in New Zealand. Informative and addictive, this book will have you dreaming of adventure in vast, dusty goldmines, over a hundred years ago.

Reviewed by Tierney Reardon

Charlotte and the Golden Promise
by Sandy McKay
Published by Penguin NZ
ISBN 9780143307723

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