World Search: Amazing Jobs, by Lonely Planet

Available now in bookstores.

This is a sturdy large board book with lift-flaps, showing cv_world_search_amazing_jobssome exciting jobs that people around the world do.

The jobs themselves can be rather normal – police officer, vet, doctor – but police officers in Paris wear roller blades (I don’t remember this…) and vets in Africa look after gorillas and have to watch out for lions! Meanwhile, doctors in Australia can be ‘flying doctors’. It’s all about context.

My 3-year-old enjoys this book so much that he is even forgoing his usual relax time in front of the telly first thing in the morning, to get me to go through it with him. He likes making up stories about all of the little incidents illustrated, and the little puzzles of where things are in the pages are at just the right level for his age. He has decided he would particularly like to go to Paris and see the police officers on roller blades.

This book does a lot – it acts as an informative guide to jobs and where they fit in different cultures, it teaches good observational skills with lovely little ‘find this’ clues a la Where’s Wally for a junior audience, and it stimulates curiosity with the lift-flaps. There are even stickers. Pre-readers can run through the scenarios they see for themselves, and readers can challenge themselves with extra clues for finding things at the back of the book.

A lovely entry into the market for younger readers by Lonely Planet, who consistently impress me with the quality and the imagination behind their publications. They clearly have a marketing and publication team that is at the top of their game.

Highly recommended for ages 3 up.

Reviewed by Sarah Forster

World Search: Amazing Jobs
by Lonely Planet
Published by Lonely Planet
ISBN 9781743219195

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