Book Review: Midnight, by Mark Greenwood & Frane Lessac

A lovely story set in rural New South Wales, this book,cv_midnight_horsebased on fact, tells the story of Midnight and her owner Guy Haydon.

Born in 1905, Midnight’s life was no ordinary one, coal black with a single snow white star on her forehead, she was destined to travel far across the seas and serve in the Australian army, taking part in one of history’s last great battle charges in 1917.

The story is told in simple, clear narrative; but the placement of prose throughout the book is either going to enhance or hinder the readers experience. Some will not like the style, but as it is pretty simple usage, I think it works well.

The story takes us on Midnight and Guy’s journey and it is a journey with a number of twists and turns which will keep the readers interest. The illustrations perfectly complement the story, they are beautifully drawn, realistic and the usage of colour fits totally with the era the story is set in and the different environments.

This book is aimed at the Y5/6 primary school age group, I think it could also find a home with a slightly older age group,the story is complemented with an exceptionally good author’s note and pictures at the back of the book which make it a good resource especially for Anzac Day.

This book would make a great gift for any child who loves horses. It would also find an ideal home in any school library, it would best be housed in the senior section of a primary school library.

All in all a very well researched, written and illustrated picture book.

Thank you to Walker Books for this gorgeous book.

Reviewed by Marion Dreadon.

Midnight….The story of a light horse
by Mark Greenwood
illustrated by Frane Lessac
ISBN 9781921977718

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