Book Review: Bridget Jones: Mad about the Boy, by Helen Fielding

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Just back from canal ride on bike. Went really well uncv_bridget_jones_mad_about_the_boytil someone threw an egg at me from a bridge. Or maybe it was a bird which went into sudden labour. Will clean off egg, not do Boris Bikes any more and go to Obesity Clinic on bus. At least will be alive and clean when sitting on arse instead of dead and covered in egg.

The fun loving Bridget Jones we all know and fell in love with back in the nineties is now a fifty-something professional working mother, who yet again finds herself navigating the more challenging, more technologically advanced, ever-changing dating game.

It sounds like a reasonably straightforward plot, but true to form, Bridget stuffs it up spectacularly.

With her familiar diary entries noting her every move – the fluctuating waistline, her almost alcoholic proportioned wine intake, her complete lack of self-confidence in almost every aspect of her life, and her rather complicit parenting skills – what should be a fun and uplifting read, ends up being rather melodramatic and depressing.

Instead of a warm-hearted story of life after loss with some humor thrown in, Mad About The Boy reads more like a Greek tragedy. I couldn’t decide whether to laugh, cry or cringe, and I was constantly confused by the seemingly dim-witted decisions that Bridget made time and again. Like the proverbial train wreck, I just couldn’t look away for fear of missing a spectacular event. And after reaching the two-thirds read point, I figured there wasn’t going to be one and resigned myself to sticking it out.

And I’m glad I did, because although the ending felt rushed and skimmed over what I think deserved much more page time, Bridget gets her happily-ever-after, after all. While it is hinted at throughout, the romance itself does seem to come completely out of nowhere and did leave me feeling a little annoyed with what seems like an all too perfect finale, but this is Bridget Jones, she’s bound to make a complete mess of it somewhere along the line!

Overall, Mad About The Boy is a decent read, but probably only for true Bridget fans.

The final word from Bridget:
…he picked me up in his arms, as if I was as light as a feather, which I am not, unless it was a very heavy feather, maybe from a giant prehistoric dinosaur-type bird…

Reviewed by Cath Cowley –

Bridget Jones: Mad about the Boy
by Cath Cowley
Published by Random House
ISBN 9780224098106

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