Words of the Day: Tuesday, 5 November 2013




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Book reviews
Book Review: The Teddy Bear’s Promise, by Diana Noonan, illustrated by Robyn Belton @HarperNZ

Book Review: After Her, by Joyce Maynard

Rachel O’Neill’s One Human in Height: Sent Paula Green searching for a new word to signal the kind of writing that takes…

Author interviews
The Book Council’s own Rachel O’Neill is in the ‘5 Easy Questions’ hot seat over on Booknotes Unbound

This conversation between Joan Fleming and @EleanorCatton is full of gold

Tuesday Poem
Helen Rickerby is editor at @TheTuesdayPoem, and posted ‘No time like the ’80s/ No future’ by Airini Beautrais

Food writing by famous people, A Fork in the Road is one of our giveaways this week

The winner of Wake by @ElizabethKnoxNZ is Russell Coldicutt.

Book News
Vote for your favourite (shortlisted) book on Goodreads!

Hundreds queuing for #HobbitFanEvent in #Wellington today/ (Photo: Kent Blechynden).

Congratulations to @AnnabelLangbein and the other writers honoured at the Culinary Quills on Saturday

From around the internet
Wondering ‘How Bullshit Works’? Episodes 1 & 2 of Joe Bennett’s reading of his book for @ninetonoon available

A sad & hopeful set from poet @ashleigh_young is the next in our ‘Creative people make creative sets’ series

“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.” – Terry Pratchett. Listener weekly quiz online


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