Publishing buzz – links to the latest articles on publishing in New Zealand

The world seems to be abuzz at the moment about the state of publishing. As well as the standard cry of the change that e-books are wreaking on the publishing industry, here in New Zealand we have the issues created by online bookstores selling without requiring GST to be added to sales, and major publishers and distributors pulling out of their NZ bases.

And everybody is talking about it. So, instead of doing another big article ourselves – though we are aware that we are still lacking a good round-out of what has been happening with the educational publishing sector since Learning Media pulled out – here is a guide to what you may have missed in domestic, and some international media.

Firstly our own articles:

The future of New Zealand Publishing – Our feature writer Jillian Ewart wrote a great article about the future of New Zealand publishing, featuring Sam Elworthy talking about the challenges of the US market and how we are echoing this on a smaller scale and Lincoln Gould talking about the taking away of internationals and where this leaves the industry. Booksellers Mary Sangster, Rob Smith, CEO of PaperPlus and Peter Greenberg can all see smaller publishers stepping into the breach here in New Zealand, and Peter Dowling from Oratia Media backs this up.  Read on…

Children’s Trade Books in the NZ Market: the pulse is strong – After the first article was published, we had a lot of enquiries wondering – what about children’s publishing in New Zealand? Scholastic NZ remains one of our strongest trade publishers, with a list of 40-50 new titles each year. Random House and Penguin will continue to publish some children’s books, and Duck Creek Press and Gecko Press remain strong.  New Holland continues to publish in the nature books for children area as well.

New Zealand articles:

Is this the end for New Zealand publishing? – A weekend feature in the Dominion Post saw commentators talking about a new way of telling stories. Fergus Barrowman, Sam Elworthy, Finlay Macdonald, Lincoln Gould, Geoff Walker, Robbie Burton, Graham Beattie, Mary Varnham and Stephen Minchin all have a say, and this is a reasonably well-rounded view of the issues involved, and shows a commitment by our major players to carry on telling our own stories.

Ideas on Sunday morning, Radio NZ – Chris Laidlaw took publishing in NZ as his theme for a 45-minute chat last Sunday morning.  “Chris Laidlaw sits down to discuss the future of New Zealand publishing with Fergus Barrowman of Victoria University Press; Kevin Chapman who headed up Hachette NZ until it was closed earlier this year; and Melanie Laville-Moore of Allen and Unwin. Also, Jeremy talks to Tom Rennie of BWB about a new e-book series; and Peter Rigg, the co-owner of Nelson bookshop Page and Blackmore.”

NZ Herald Consumer-watch: Hardcopy books live on – “Sales of ebooks in New Zealand have exploded in the past six months, industry experts say, but the future of Kiwi books may lie with small, independent publishers.”


Books don’t want to be free – how publishing escaped the fate of other culture industries

Similarities of the Irish and New Zealand publishing industry – Gill takeover is a good news story

Article pulled together by Sarah Forster, Web Editor, Booksellers NZ

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