Scholastic editors talk about their favourite projects

We asked the Scholastic team which title (or more) they are most proud of and the reasons why. Their entertaining answers:

Penny Scown: One of the books that probably had the most cv_roccoimpact on me was Rocco, which we published in 1990. It was the best manuscript that had ever crossed my desk at the time – and it launched Sherryl Jordan’s stellar international writing career. Rocco was also picked up in hardback by Scholastic US, and we are about to publish it as an e-book, 23 years later … In addition, we are still publishing Sherryl Jordan, with two titles having recently come out – Ransomwood and The Freedom Merchants.

Lynette Evans: Being the new kid on the block herecv_she'll_be_coming at Scholastic, many of my favourites are works in progress. However, She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain (The Topp Twins/Jenny Cooper) is a standout for me because it was a quintessential toe-tapping team effort involving collaboration between publishing team, musicians, illustrator, designer, printer and international affiliates from go to woah. It was a delightful assault on the senses, both aurally and visually, from soundtrack through to concept roughs and to final art. It bucked and reared at times… but the final product is a pick-me-up magnet for kids of all ages.

Frith Hughes: For me it’s seeing the ongoing success ofcv_best_loved-bear_20 books – the classics that are 20-odd years old and still selling strongly to a whole new generation of NZ children. I’ve loved being involved in the redesigns of The Best-Loved Bear (Diana Noonan/Elizabeth Fuller) and The Three Little Pigs (Gavin Bishop) as well as celebrating the 20th birthday of The Little Yellow Digger (Betty & Alan Gilderdale) last year – all three are picture books I read as a kid!

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