Email Digest: Friday, 13 September

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Top Tweet: Car stolen for copy of Patched! True story. Chap in Palmy’s car stolen. He told police only attractive thing in it – book on the front seat.
(from @AUPBooks)

Book reviews
Book Review: Hannah’s Night, by Komoko Sakai

If you are in Auckland, support the city mission with ‘Locals Trade’ – a can for a coffee

Paula Green gives the Curnow reading this evening to open Going West:

Book News
Best shortlist ever? What do you think?

Your thoughts on how to support Eleanor please… on our facebook page!

J.K. Rowling is writing a Harry Potter spin-off film

From around the internet
Incidentally, our review of Hannah’s Night indicates it would be just the book to put aside this theory

Insanity. Author was due to present to a middle-school, gets cancelled for using bad language in book title.

Four new poems by Alice Oswald (check the righthand column)

What are these classic kids’ books REALLY about?

Read an extract from Boy by @roald_dahl:

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