Book Review: Bones of the Lost, by Kathy Reichs

This book is available in bookstores now. cv_bones_of_the_lost

Kathy Reichs’ Bones of the Lost is her eighth in the series upon which the television series Bones, featuring forensic anthropologist Temperence Brennan, is based. Fans of Reichs’ previous novels in the series will have no surprises or difficulties adjusting expectations of the main character. Duffers like me, for whom this has been my first encounter with the Reichs’ Tempe, will have to adjust to some differences between the two characters in their medium.

It’s not too difficult to switch perceptions – after finishing Bones of the Lost I’m wishing the TV Temperence was more like the book Tempe. The book Tempe now seems more ” real” than the spectacularly television-chick Temperence.

Even their workplaces now seem at odds. The TV set of the Smithsonian (to which I have never been anywhere near) no longer “feels” like a real anthroplogist’s forensic lab. Too much glass and chrome I guess.

The story is a double conundrum for Ms Brennan – a case of a hit-and-run girl’s death needs examining and closure, and a government agency urgently needs her expertise in Afghanistan to prove or disprove two murders of local natives by a US soldier.

In Afghanistan she meets her adult daughter, a member of the forces in action over there.

As she applies her expertise to the two exhumed local natives, her discoveries prove the US soldier’s innocence – but give her clues relevant to the case of the hit-and-run girl’s death.

Back in the states, her work continues, and develops into an investigation into people smuggling and junior sexual slavery. Of course she puts the pieces together. Isn’t that the way of Bones?

I absolutely loved this book, will never watch the TV show again with the same expectations, and am off to track down copies of Reichs’ earlier Temperence Brennan novels.

Reviewed by Lynne Street

Bones of the Lost
by Kathy Reichs
Published by Random House
ISBN 9780434021161
Also available as an e-book

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