Book Review: Kurt gets truckloads, by Erlend Loe

Kurt is a truck driver who is one of the nicest peoplecv_kurt_gets_truckloads in the world. His wife and three children love him, and he gets along with everyone. One day he manages to save a man’s life and in return he gets given a huge diamond, so big that when he sells it he gets fifty million dollars! Almost immediately Kurt turns nasty. He refuses to share with this wife and favours only one of his three children, causing problems at home.

He begins to buy everything that he ever wanted but then finds himself beginning to get bored. This is when he decides, after reading a magazine, that rich people get to make a lot of decisions and so he should get to make decisions too, thus begins his attempt to become Prime Minister. While the story didn’t get moving until the second half of the book, this is a lovely, easy read, and a heap of fun.

Originally written in Norwegian, it has been translated very well into English by Don Bartlett. Whilst I don’t think the story itself is terribly unique, it is a good read. The lesson that Kurt learns over the course of the book is a good lesson for people to learn at ANY age – and a good reminder to adults that should you fall into money you shouldn’t let it change you.

I would recommend this story for a 7 or 8 year old to read alone, or as a read-aloud to younger children. This is a fun read and I loved the illustrations, they fit in well with the overall feel of the book. Whilst I may not read this again, I will be sharing this around my friends and family to have a read.

Reviewed by Miriam Matthews

Kurt gets Truckloads
by Erlend Loe
Published by Gecko Press
ISBN 9781877579301

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