Email Digest: Wednesday 4 September 2013

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Book reviews
Book Review: Moon over Martinborough, by Jared Gulian

Book Review: Project Huia, by Des Hunt

New Releases
New Release: Walk the Pathway to Spirituality, by Paul Anthony Cooper

Book News
Page & Blackmore were very pleased to be part of this campaign. Keep choosing local independent buisnesses! 

Sad news about Learning Media. But the School Journal continues.

The Press Christchurch Writers’ Festival appoints Rachael King as new Literary Director

There are 7000 free books being given out starting today, thanks to Literacy Aotearoa

The Antipodean arts festival ‘ kicked off with a song, dance and haka spectacular’ in London

Awards News
•    Some #nzpba choice books to win

From around the internet
‘There are seven billion of us walking around with our stories unfolding inside our heads.’

Professional illustrator + 4-year old daughter = fabulous art.

4 September 2010 earthquake accounts from @QuakeStoriesNZ

Five new JD Salinger books on the way – and a rip roarer of a doco by the look of it

Comic book crafts: 5 crafts you can make with old graphic novels #CBM13


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