Book Review: Never Go Back, by Lee Child

This book will be available in bookstores on Friday 30 August, in time for Father’s Day

I have been a fan of Jack Reacher books for a long time. You can always be guaranteed that Jack Reacher novels have lots of action with the inevitable good guy versus the bad guy/s.

One fascinating piece of information I found whImageen researching Lee Child, the author, is that Lee Child is actually his pen name. He was born Jim Grant. He started writing novels in 1997 with his first one being Killing Floor. Never Go Back is his eighteenth.

Jack Reacher was a former military cop. He starts out in this book, journeying from South Dakota to Virginia and then onto Washington D.C to visit his old unit, the 110th MP. He had earlier spoken to the new Commanding Officer, Susan Turner. Jack liked the sound of her voice and so had decided to pay her a visit, but on arriving at his old unit he found not Susan Turner in his old office, but somebody else – Colonel Morgan. We are then told the story of why the former Commanding Officer has been relieved of her posting. Reacher finds himself embroiled in criminal proceedings and back in the army. Colonel Morgan decides to have Reacher where he can keep tabs on him. “You’re back in the Army, Major. And your ass is mine.”

What Reacher doesn’t expect to happen, is that he is accused of a 16 year old homicide and named in a paternity suit. We follow Jack on his quest to get himself cleared of all charges, and through his ensuing friendship with Susan Turner. The way events unfold, as both of them are charged with crimes, makes for an enthralling tale.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The twists and turns keeps the reader in suspense right to the end. Lee Child’s Jack Reacher story lines may seem to start and finish in a similar fashion, but I enjoy them. 

To all Jack Reacher fans – you will not be disappointed.

Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Christine Frayling

Never Go Back
by Lee Child
Published by Random House
ISBN 9780593065747

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