Email digest: Tuesday 19 February 2013

This is a digest of our Twitter feed that we email out most Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Sign up here for free if you’d like it emailed to you.

Auckland folks! Come to the launch of Aorewa McLeod’s ‘Who Was That Woman Anyway?’ at the Women’s Bookshop tonight! 

Great charity event with Sam Hunt, the rock star of NZ poetry… 

Book news
The BBC to adapt Tolstoy’s War and Peace!

New sponsors announced for Auckland Writers & Readers Festival

More photos of the excellent new Vic Books in Kelburn, Wellington. I want to go NOW! 

NZ Book Month
This year all the NZ Book Month events will also be listed in Eventfinder so there’s no excuse for missing out (lots more to come)

NZ Book Month Is Coming (So Take A Look At These Books) 

From around the internet
Finally, proof that reading saves lives

‘There were surprise twists and turns—making this book the brilliant novel that it is.’ WHEN YOU REACH ME


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