Give better books for Christmas – we launch our crowd-sourced book lists

This time of year tinsel goes up, television ads take on a more frantic tone and magazines, blogs, the supermarket, everyone you know starts making lists of what to buy for Christmas.

Of course we always recommend books for Christmas and know that if you trot yourself down to your local bookshop you’ll do quite nicely getting recommendations from the smart and clever people that work there.

However, in the spirit of good reading we’ve also crowd-sourced some of our own lists using Twitter. We started a Google document, let anyone add titles and books anonymously and now have 22 grand Christmas book lists of topics far more left-of-field than ‘books for Mum’ or ‘books for gardeners’.

We’ll roll out our 22 lists from here until Christmas and here’s what’s coming up:

Thank you so much to the avid readers on Twitter who contributed to our lists. We have no idea who you are but thank you for supporting this.

by Emma McCleary, web editor for Booksellers NZ

25 thoughts on “Give better books for Christmas – we launch our crowd-sourced book lists

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