Email digest: Wednesday 31 October 2012

This is a digest of our Twitter feed that we email out most Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Sign up here for free if you’d like it emailed to you.

A message to bookstores
An important message for bookshops from TitlePage

Penguin Random House
Is the Penguin Random House merger good or bad for bookselling? Here’s our CEO Lincoln’s thoughts

Here’s a good comprehensive round-up of information and links about Penguin Random House

The Listener Book Club
Our podcast of a “real-life” book club discussing The Lighthouse

Situation vacant
Book and Gift Buyer: Premier Books

New release book
Discover Cooks, Clowns and Cowboys with Lonely Planet

From around the internet
Our Hera talks to Ashleigh Young about her new book, Magnificent Moon

Paullina Simons, author of Children of Liberty and others answers Ten Terrifying Questions

Best books shown on Post-its in glorious profusion

 Here’s a photo of the great Buller’s Bird window display at Te Papa at the moment


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