Email digest: Monday 1 October 2012

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Christchurch poets – poetry slam is on at your place tomorrow night

Book News
Entries for the 2013 New Zealand Post Book Awards and New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards will open on 12 October.

Journey to Book Island: new children’s press opens in Wellington

Switched-on texts and media are finalists in CLNZ Awards

New releases
The Lawrence Lions by Clare Blackmore

Scholastic NZ: new books for Christmas and October 2012

Cannabis by Rex McDowall

The Jelly Bean Crisis by Jolene Stockman

Book reviews
Assassin by Tara Moss 

Manhire prize for creative science writing – closes 5 Oct

From around the internet
A small thing but a big deal, all the links in our directory are now live links

JK Rowling’s novel has upset middle-class critics with its attack on snide, middle-class hypocrisy| Guardian

Neil Gaiman’s 8 rules of writing

(Emma) I just read Friday Brown from Text Publishing. Brilliant, dark, gripping – recommended for older YA readers

Hone Tuwhare’s “anti creative writing workshop”

Historic Baghdad Book Market Bulldozed in Late-Night Raid


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