Email digest: Wednesday 22 August 2012

This is a digest of our Twitter feed that we email out most Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Sign up here for free if you’d like it emailed to you.

Meet Kiwi rider Noel Harris tonight at Paper Plus Palmerston North!

Book news 
The Capital Times on the Turnbull’s new Mansfield acquisitions

Illegal downloads hurt NZ authors

New releases
Friday Brown by Vikki Wakefield

Book reviews
The Fishing Fleet – Husband-Hunting in the Raj by Anne de Courcy

Nine Days by Toni Jordan

The Owl That Fell from the Sky by Brian Gill

From around the internet
Judging a book by its cover: 20 theories of cover design (incl. the fluffy kitten theory!)

Unadulterated reading eye candy

“In a few years, that personal library will be as rare as a house with stables for horses.”

Kirsten McDougall loves/hates writing rules – but she’s posted some at modernlettuce


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