Book review: Feathers for Phoebe by Rod Clement

This book is in bookshops now.

I sit here staring at a blank page, as I have done many times before, wondering where to start my review. Do I begin with the glorious colours that flourish brightly threw out of the pages; dive straight in by telling you how much I adore the moral of this story, or give you an insight into the feathery tale of a bird who just wants to be noticed?

And then I realise it dosn’t matter where I begin because if you don’t want to head out and read this book for yourself by the time you have finished reading this review, then I truly believe you are missing out on one of the greatest children’s books I have read in a long time!

Feathers for Phoebe is an incredible story about a little grey bird who just wants to be noticed, confiding in her talented,bright and exotically-attired salon owner Zelda, Phoebe is offered an arrangement of beautiful crests, wings, and other feathered details to choose from in order to help her get noticed.

Each new visit to Zelda, transforms Phoebe that little bit more, but doing so starts to restrict alot of the things Phoebe enjoys doing (such as flying).

Now that Phoebe is the bird she has always dreamed of she still isn’t being noticed, and once again consults her friend and salon owner Zelda, who insists Phoebe find her own tune and dance to be noticed by others in the forest. After going to great lengths to become beautiful so she can be accepted and noticed, she finally comes back down to earth (literally) and discovers she is and always has been beautiful just the way she is.

The dramatically colourful illustrations and fun wording made this book a hit for the children. As we progressed through the book they were all picking out their own feathers and it was requested to be read over and over again by the group of children in my care, (2-6years old).

Reading this a few times I noticed how much this book would make a great tool in schools or at home, when it comes to discussing issues with our bodies and the way we feel about how we look, zoning in on our own inner beauty, and not letting the pressure of our peers influence who we are as people.

I could continue writing and expressing my love for another one of Rod Clement’s fabulous bird books, but I feel if I continue I am going to give away too much, so I highly recommend acquiring this book yourself, and enjoying it with the small people in your life, as it is sure to captivate audiences of all ages.

Reviewed by Jessica Moore

Feathers for Phoebe
by Rod Clement
Published by HarperCollins
ISBN 9780732289195

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