Tuesday poem: The Fairy Child by Margaret Mahy

The very hour that I was born
I rode upon the unicorn.
When boys put tadpoles in their jars
I overflowed my tin with stars.
Because I sing to see the sun
The little children point and run.
Because I set the caged birds free
The people close their doors to me.
Goodbye, goodbye, you world of men –
I shall not visit you again.

By Margaret Mahy
From The Word Witch: The Magical Verse of Margaret Mahy (page 81)
Published by HarperCollins
ISBN 9781869507077

This poem is part of the Tuesday Poem Scheme

3 thoughts on “Tuesday poem: The Fairy Child by Margaret Mahy

  1. Bravo posting this, Emma. You’re a genius. The absolutely perfect poem for one who indeed rode unicorns. So sad she’s gone. Her stories are an important part of my family’s life.

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