Book review: Blood Brothers by Carole Wilkinson

This book is in bookstores now.

“The fourth book in the intriguing series of Dragon Keeper.

You were translating a transcript, because no one (but you) knew that language. Your eyes started aching and it was hard to keep your eyes open. You went to refill your water jar and you heard a wind-chime sound, then you turned. Standing in front of you was a dragon.

That is how Kai (the dragon) and Tao (the boy who was translating the transcript) kind-of knew each other. Kai said he was on a quest and Tao was his dragon keeper. On the way, there was a battle and by coincidence they met a girl called Pema. She was a thief, and good at telling white lies. There were a lot of difficulties along the way and at one point everybody was separated. Even Tao and Kai.

Then the real problem came. Sha. She was a kind healer, until when she lost her emotions over love and her dragon lings. While she was flying down, lonely as ever, she got captured. After that Sha got turned into a man-eating beast. One day Tao and Kai was near that area where Sha was one day…
Will Tao and Kai survive? What happened to Sha? Will there be a happy ending? Read the book to find out.

I felt the book was a page-turner and a book that you can’t put down.”

Reviewed by Jennia Deng, aged 12.

Blood Brothers
by Carole Wilkinson
Published by Black Dog Books
ISBN 9781742031897

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