Email digest: Tuesday 22 May 2012

Our office is closed this Friday because we’re moving. Here’s the address for cake delivery Monday

Yarns in Barns starts this Friday, which means HEAPS of great book events in The Wairarapa

Author Christopher Paolini will be visiting Wellington on 28 June – the Children’s Bookshop (Kilbirnie) has an event

Book news
Congratulations to Emma Martin and other Commonwealth Short Story Prize winners

New books
Talented Havelock North woman publishes first book to coincide with the ball season.

Walker Books June Highlights

Argy Bargy
Peter Craven takes issue at Text Publishing’s definition of a Classic What do you think? What makes something a classic?

From around the internet
Rachael King: “That Oliver Jeffers has a lot to answer for. Bought a new umbrella and the kids broke it by sitting in it and using as a boat.”

Do you love libraries too?

Need an award/mentorship/prize for writing? Almost all our opportunities close next Thurs/Fri

Tuesday poem
Kiss by Rachel Bush

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