Book review: The Travelling Restaurant by Barbara Else

This book is in bookshops now and is a finalist in the New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards.

My name is Katja and I recently read this cool book about a boy called Jasper and his family’s escape from a pretend Queen and their final return back to their home. Jasper escapes the “pretend” Queen on a boat called “the Travelling Restaurant”; his family are on another boat and the story is about how he tries to find his family again.

Jasper travels to different places while he looks for his Mum, Dad and his wee sister, and Jasper becomes a hero by saving some important people when he’s sailing on the Travelling Restaurant.

Jaspers trip takes him to lands with monkeys, past whirlpools, he finds his Grandad and Aunty in an unexpected place. The ending of the book was quite cool, I didn’t expect it to end the way it did.

This book is quite adventurous and I think boys or girls would like reading it,  8-10 year olds would like this book the best.

(Katja’s Mum said, “She loved reading the book and didnt put it down over Easter.”

The Travelling Restaurant
by Barbara Else
(Gecko Press)
ISBN 9781877467776

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