Book review: New Zealand Hall of Fame by Maria Gill, illustrated by Bruce Potter

This book is in bookshops now and is a finalist in the New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards.

I found this book extremely interesting and enjoyed reading about all the famous New Zealanders and what they have achieved. I liked the way the book was laid out, catergorising people by their area of interest or expertise.

The pictures and page layouts were eye catching and exciting and kept me wanting to read on. I like the passport idea for each person, as it made it easy to indentify who they were and what their key information was.

This book would appeal to children aged six and over and would be a very useful book to have on hand for homework and general knowledge quizzes. My family have had several quiz nights now, taking turns at asking questions about our knowledge of the subjects in the book.

I did feel that there were a number of important New Zealanders that should have been included in this book and I wondered why they had been left out. I was also very impressed with how many Kiwis have achieved great things in the world. It made me feel very proud to be a New Zealander.

It is a fun and informative book, written at the right level for children and designed to engage them in New Zealand history and general knowledge.

Reviewed by Brittany Luhrs (aged 12).

New Zealand Hall of Fame: 50 Remarkable Kiwis
by Maria Gill and illustrated by Bruce Potter
(New Holland Publishing)
ISBN 9781869663124

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