Email digest: Monday 30 April 2012

This is a digest of our Twitter feed that we email out most Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Sign up here for free if you’d like it emailed to you.

Wear your most colourful woollen jumper and bring your children: The incredible book artist Oliver Jeffers

Book news
Children’s Book Festival Brings Nation’s Stories to Life

From around the internet
Five minutes with Emily Perkins

True story: The Auckland Libraries copy of The Hunger Games book currently has 2615 holds on it

Healthwise, there is no difference between eBooks or printed books!

New books
Some beautiful covers on the new Random House Vintage Kids Classics

Rhesus A by Kaden Brown

Book reviews
The Gathering of the Lost by Helen Lowe

Librarian Bridget Schaumann has reviewed Nice Day for a War

New Zealand Hall of Fame by Maria Gill, illustrated by Bruce Potter

Imagine Travelling to the most mysterious and unusual places


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