Book review: The Gathering of the Lost by Helen Lowe

This book is in bookshops now.

Malian of Night has been missing for five years. Most of the people of the realm of Haarth believe she is dead. Her enemies aren’t so sure, and now are on the hunt for her. In truth, she is alive, searching for the sword of the legendary hero Yorindesarinen.

As she tries to locate it, trouble brews elsewhere. Heralds Jehane and Tarathan barely escape from Ij after a mass assassination and the pair watch as things get worse. There are deadly beasts on the prowl.

Malian is summoned to fight in the mountain range called the Wall of Night, which separates Haarth from the lands of dark creatures with terrible powers. It is her duty to fight…but to return without the sword would mean certain defeat.

The world of Haarth is painstakingly described, from national holidays to native animals. It’s wonderful being able to lose yourself in such a believable place, so long as you don’t get confused by the numerous names and cities.

The strong imagery is truly thrilling. I could just imagine the book as a movie in my head, with it’s clever plot and vivid characters, it is the ultimate fantasy novel.

The Gathering of the Lost is the second book in the Wall of Night series by New Zealander Helen Lowe. The first book is called The Heir of Night, in which Malian’s home is attacked by creatures of powerful magic, forcing her to retreat to the ancient, dangerous Old Keep.

This book would be highly enjoyed by fantasy readers aged 13 and up.

By Tierney Reardon. Tierney also reviews for the Christchurch Kids Blog.

The Gathering of the Lost
by Helen Lowe
Published by Orbit
ISBN  9780356500027

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