Book review: Stomp! by Ruth Paul

This book is one of the finalists in the New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards. It was reviewed by one of our Facebook fans after we asked the general public to review…

I was so thrilled to be selected to review this book and once it arrived we got straight into reading it. I really loved the quality and feel of the book. The paper it is printed on is thick and really high quality and the cover page has two textures, one of the quality paper then a printed shiny feel to the dinosaurs and lettering. This was outstanding.

The story is a rather simple follow the leader story – great for little ones to imitate what is going on in the book. We created actions and voices so it was pretty fun! The illustrations are nice and bright and I love that the words go up and down and all over the page – just as my voice does when reading it aloud.

This is a pretty neat story, but to be honest I cannot see why it made the finalists pick. There is nothing at all wrong with the book, it’s great. But for me it lacked that something special (apart from its publishing quality, which is fabulous) for this to really be outstanding for a New Zealand Post Children’s Book Award.

Reviewed by Rosie Joyce and Ollie (3 years).

3 thoughts on “Book review: Stomp! by Ruth Paul

  1. Whoops didn’t quite finish … I thought this book was delightfully fresh, the words and images had a delicious zing, and when I spotted it on the Book Award shortlist I was delighted … having seen several schools engage so enthusiastically with it. So in contrast to the reviewers, to me this book had a magic dose of charisma.

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