Email digest: Wed 26 October 2011

Book events for the day: poetry in ChCh, Gecko Press evening in Wgtn and book launchs in Wgtn + ChCh

Book News
The Women’s Bookshop has been awarded Penguin New Zealand Independent Bookseller of the Year 2011. [no link]

New books
Look out for Alison Holst’s memoir in NZ Woman’s Weekly, Australian Women’s Weekly and the Listener – all editions out this week. [no link]

There’s two new RWC books coming out:  from Penguin Books and from HarperCollins

Book reviews
Ba baum (sad trombone) for Brother/Sister from BookieMonster 

From around the internet

Judging a Book by its Cover 

Viva fashion writer Zoe Walker explores how book characters have influenced fashion trends

If you’re looking for great reads for kids I recommend this part of the Guardian Books website

The first rule of Book Club? You always talk about Book Club. Second rule? You ALWAYS talk about Book Club. [no link]

12 Things We Buy in a Bad Economy


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