Email digest: Wed 31 August 2011

Booksellers members
Two more good shakes in Christchurch… Mary Sangster is under the desk making a hidey hole! [no link]

Happy (19th) Birthday to the wonder that is “The Children’s Bookshop” in Wellington  [no link]

Book News
Congratulations NZ Book Month – its campaign *Books Change Lives* won the TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards Not for Profit category

From around the internet
15 Reasons Why Bookstore/Library Partnerships Are Beneficial

Fathers Day gift ideas that don’t include Bill Bryson books

Big surprise – the death of books has been greatly exaggerated

Over on Facebook we’re giving away $200 worth of Booksellers Tokens

Our random acts of reading gallery is growing  – we even have photos of people reading in bikinis

 New Books
The Kiwi Man Cave will be published in October by HarperCollins with history tid-bits and the importance of dust

 A last-day-of-winter-announcement. Penguin will publish White Out: the historic snowfalls of 2011


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