The launch of Indiebound at conference

Whitireia Publishing Student Hannah Newport-Watson reports on the launch of IndieBound by Megan Dunn and Lincoln Gould (Booksellers NZ)

Booksellers launched a new website and marketing package today, for an international project called ‘IndieBound’, a new subscription service now available to members of Booksellers NZ.

IndieBound offers booksellers a marketing toolkit, containing thousands of dollars of advertising – posters, t-shirts and more – all promoting local book shops. IndieBound originated in the Sates, part of a whole movement to shop local. Megan spoke about how customers enjoy engaging with something that’s authentic and locally produced. Customers want to shop in a way that’s in line with their own personal values.

‘IndieBound is not just about marketing, it’s about bookstores and promoting them. It’s about getting people to shop local,’ said Megan.

The ‘Eat Sleep Read: support your local bookstore’ poster is one example of the material available through IndieBound. Of course, every book store is different – there’s a whole range to choose from and can even design their own t-shirts. Stores can make the decision what’s most useful to them and how big they want to go with the programme.

Booksellers NZ members can access IndieBound for free until October 2011. To get the password, email Megan.

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