Email digest: Tues 28 June 2011

Book peeps in Wellington – this looks like some good old fashioned fun 

New Zealand Post Book Awards 
We need some hip-hop events for National Poetry Day

Book news 
Aucklanders: Cook the Books is on the move. The last day at their current location is THIS Thursday

More on Flipbooks that we first mentioned yesterday

I’d really like to see an optometrist comment on digital and flip books and their effects on eyesight. Is there one? Emma.

Surprises for many in PANZ Book Design Awards shortlist

Book reviews/opinion
Jolisa Gracewood on Go the F— to Sleep

Life’s too short to read bad books

New books
New books to look forward to in August from Walker Books

Anna Karenina 
Anna Karenina described as the ‘ultimate adultery novel‘  Heat up winter with us

From around the internet 
Grammar in the workplace: It’s the difference between a company that knows its shit, and one that knows it’s shit.

Tuesday poem
Windy Point by John Horrocks


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