Email digest: Wed 22 June 2011

KidsFest 2011 – KidsFest is party time! Join Christchurch libraries and learning centres as they celebrate 20 years of KidsFest

Book News
Entry into the food writing awards has been relaxed so you no longer have to be a Food Guild Member

From a family member of Lincoln’s: when shopper uses books and mortar store to browse then purchases from an online store they are “digital shoplifting” [no link]

More bookshops fight back to an Aussie minister’s quip that they’ll be gone in five years time

Has your Christchurch business reopened since the earthquake? You can add it to our map, for free

From around the internet
This is cool – Triangle Notebook!

How much is the fine on a 122 year late book?

New books
Weta and HarperCollins Publishers are excited to announce the upcoming release of the new book

50 Cent has written a children’s book

Book Reviews
A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

Here’s what NZ Herald thought about La Rochelle’s Road  and here’s what we thought

NZ Herald reviews five new books for their fiction addiction column


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