Tuesday poem: the details of her nightmares by Hinemoana Baker

It’s not enough, apparently
to witness the mutilation with a chainsaw
of a friend at a wedding
to which she has arrived
without a gift.

Now those responsible
having placed the victim in a suitcase
and a hole in the ground
are following her as she hitches a ride
with the oblivious bride
who believes her brother still has legs.

Kapiti Island’s black on the black sea
a seam of silver leads to it.
I look from the moon to the page
and yawn, a small howl.

We all watch her now
her shape in the moonlight
the slowing updown of her breath

she’s stepping off the bus
making foolish errors
wandering the streets
of Hamilton in a towel.

From  Koiwi Koiwi (page 54) by Hinemoana Baker
Published by Victoria University Press
Used with the permission of Victoria University Press


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